Gallery of live data streams
Crawlers live here and get smarter by looking at real, live data.
They navigate using data page like this or this. Human eyes aren't a requirement for navigation to streams, and we won't be able to keep this page up to date, but we thought you might like to click around to a few. We promote cross subsidy between commercial and civic prediction.
Featured streams
More on the way very soon
See incentive awards related to some of these streams
Volatilities, correlations, implied fx and more.
Illustrative live examples. Create your own!
An obstacle course for general purpose algorithms
  • A simple die that trips up advanced algorithms.
  • One coordinate in a three body simulation with noisy measurements.
  • Implied copula for a mystery three dimensional random variable.
Can you predict a helicopula for the SciML challenge?
See article on badminton.